Ajira Digital: How to Login and Enroll for Online Jobs

Are you a young person that is tired of seeking for employment without getting any positive result? Well, online work is real and  it pays.

You can easily make a living through online jobs by enrolling to Ajira Kenya.

With the introduction of technology and the internet, companies around the world have made use of the online digital platform to source for goods and services. 

More so, reports suggest that the middle class in Kenya is expected to grow due to the many opportunities that are cropping up as a result of access to digital work.

Ajira Kenya carries out constant training, mentorship and also offers guidance on how to work online. 

What is Ajira Digital?

The Ajira Digital Program is a government initiative driven by the Ministry of Information, Communications, and Technology to empower over one million young people to access digital job opportunities.

The program seeks to position Kenya as a choice labour destination for multinational companies as well as encourage local companies and the public sector to create digital work. 

The government digitization projects already create lots of viable micro work that can be completed by digital workers. 

Access to digital work will build wealth and create more opportunities for businesses and direct growth of GDP.

Why is Ajira Digital Important?

The components of the Ajira digital program have been designed to address the main challenges that hinder the youth on benefiting from digital job opportunities:

They include:

Access to dignified work - growing the local demand, Government becoming an anchor client and positioning Kenya as a choice labour destination for multinationals globally. Education and Skills for the dynamic, always changing online jobs

Access to Infrastructure - Innovation Hubs, Kazi Connect Centers, Studio Mashinani, Y254 TV Channel.

Awareness - Building trust and confidence

What are the objectives of Ajira Digital?

The main objectives are:

To raise the profile of digital work.

Promote a mentorship and collaborative learning approach to finding digital work.

Provide Kenyans with access to digital work.

Promote Kenya as a destination for online workers.

How do you work online and make money?

1. Do your research.

Online work is real. But there are many unscrupulous websites on the Internet. Do your research before you take on assignments.

Do not pay anyone for an account. Nor should you pay to get a job. Trusted online work platforms are free to join. Visit our Find Work page to get started with some online work markertplaces.

2. Take online courses.

Deepen your skill by taking online courses. These can be videos, webinars or eLearning courses.

Take several tests or recognised certification to strengthen your online work profile and demonstrate your ability to potential clients. Check out our Certification Resources page for some links to free certification.

3. Connect with others

Find a community and mentors on social media. There are many Kenyan groups on social media where online workers go to share information, tips, and encouragement. Search for online communities on Facebook or Quora.

4. Start small

For your first few jobs, take small, easy to complete tasks and build up to more complex work. This will allow you to build a good reputation online. Be patient, grow your online work career with purpose and direction.

What job platforms does Ajira Digital Provide?

Note: There are many unscrupulous websites on the Internet.
Do your research before you take on assignments. 

Do not pay anyone for an account, nor should you pay to get a job. 

Trusted online work platforms are free to join.

Here are the platforms:

1. Local work in Kenya

Niko Job

EVA Virtual Assistant

Tuko Works


Crowdsource Africa


2. Writing




3. Engineering and architecture





4. Software development and programming





5. Support and customer services





6. Sales and marketing





7. Transcription





8. Data science and analytics





9. Web design/ graphics and creatives





What is Studio Mashinani?

Studio Mashinani is a key component of the Ajira Digital Program is under the theme “Talent ni Kazi”, where we aim to develop our creative industry by enabling our youth to tap into their natural creative curiosity and inventiveness.

Through a project known as Studio Mashinani, the Ministry of ICT through the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation has built and will operate FIVE independent audio recording and creative production studios for purposes of recording quality audio music, commercials, and jingle pieces.

How does Studio Mashinani works?

Select your preferred studio from the choices displayed below, or

Click on the Book a Session button provided below

If you are not already logged in, the booking process will include that step

Who is involved in setting up Studio Mashinani?

The Government of Kenya through the Ministry of ICT is providing the studio equipment and the software that goes into recording talent.

The Studios are housed at the Kenya Broadcasting Cooperation (KBC) sites and KBC will be responsible for operationalization of the studios, support, and maintenance.

How can I book a session at a Studio Mashinani?

Aspiring artists who want to record any audio creative should take the following steps:

1. Go to Studio Mashinani booking review the Terms & Conditions on the page

2. Click the ‘Book a session’ icon

3. Select your preferred studio from the choices displayed

4. Find an available slot from the Calendar provided

5. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so (if you do not have an account, you will be required to create an account to proceed)

6. You will receive a confirmation email upon completing the booking.

What is provided in each of the Studios?

State of the art equipment for audio production

Mixing an Mastering of audio

A Sound Engineer

A Studio Technician

A producer for those who do not have access to one

Do I have unlimited time in the studio?

NO: For first-time recordings, the ajiradigital.go.ke booking platform will only allow hour-long sessions (60 minutes) every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

This is so that you may record a demo track, which you may then post on YouTube, Sound Cloud or any such platform.

Listeners will then have the opportunity to hear your production and endorse you through ‘likes’.

On receiving 5000 ‘likes’, you will then have the opportunity to get more studio time to fine-tune and finish your product, a process that will include mixing and mastering.

At this point, we will also showcase your product on the Y254 channel.

What is the Y254 Channel?

Y254 Channel is a channel by the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, to showcase the talent available in all sectors of the Kenya creative economy.

Other than the outputs of Studio Mashinani, Y254 channel also showcases the creativity in all of Kenya from movies, talk shows, reality TV, TV shows, documentaries, dramas and many more.

Where are the studios located?

There are currently 5 studios located in KBC premises – 2 in Nairobi and one each in Machakos, Mombasa, and Kisumu.

Ajira's plan is to eventually have at least one studio in every county based on demand.

How To Register for Ajira training 

1. Visit official Ajira Digital website and click: Enroll

2. Create an Account to login

3. Complete your profile information

4. Book your training session

5. Select the County and Training center that is nearest to you

6. Then Click on Continue

7. Select the class you are interested in attending (check the start and end dates). You only required to book one Ajiral Digital class at a time.

8. Then Book

9. You will receive an email with your booking information

10. Print the details as you will need to present them in order to be allowed to attend any training sessions.

11. After registration, you will be notified via email when Ajira raining sessions are available in your County.