Laikipia Woman Rep Catherine Waruguru Arrested for Incitement [VIDEO]

  • Laikipia Woman Rep Catherine Waruguru confronts a police officer on 15/3/2019. Facebook
  • Laikipia Woman Representative Catherine Waruguru was on Friday arrested for incitement.

    Reports indicate that the legislator was apprehended for allegedly plotting to incite owners of Probox and Sienta taxis in the town.

    In a video seen by, Waruguru is seen confronting a police offer over her arrest.

    She is seen challenging the officer on whether it was not the right of the people to have meetings refuting claims that she was inciting them.

    Laikipia Woman Rep Catherine Waruguru

    "I'm inciting nobody, It is you who is inciting. Are they criminals? Get yourself busy, arrest criminals, Al Shabaab and bandits that is your work.

    "Stop intimidating young men and women because they are meeting in a hotel you think this is Kismayu they are planning a terror attack, it is not!" She affirmed.

    This is not the first time, the Woman Rep has been in the headlines, when in 2018, she was barred from spending a night at a Kericho hotel over her failure to produce a marriage certificate.

    Later in October 2018, she was at loggerheads with Laikipia's Governor’s wife Maria Mbeneka.

    Waruguru took a swipe at Mbeneka for allegedly interfering with her work when distributing free sanitary towels to public schools in Nyahururu town.

    “We elected the governor and not the first lady. She should concentrate on her kitchen and other domestic chores,” Laikipia County Woman Rep stated.

    The Woman Rep was angered by the first lady’s bid to have the event postponed until when she will be available to grace the occasion.

    Here is the video of the altercation on Friday: