Ministry of Health Sends Team to Cuba to Assess Doctors’ Living Conditions

  • The Ministry of Health has sent out a team of experts to Cuba to assess the living conditions and general welfare of the Kenyan doctors sent to study in the country after one of them reportedly committed suicide with claims of depression.

    The team that left the country on Wednesday is led by Rashid Aman, the Health Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS).

    Its mandate will involve making a review and a report on the circumstances that led to the death of the Kenyan doctor, Hamisi Ali Juma, who was also a brother to Likoni MP Mishi Mboko.

    Health CS Sicily Kariuki addressed the media on Wednesday stating that she found it necessary to send the experts to Cuba since the government was much concerned about the situation of the doctors.

    She also pledged that the reports by the experts will be made public once they are done with their fact-finding mission.

    “With the comprehensive report on the findings, we can be able to address the matter that has been flying around in the media,” stated the CS.

    CS Kariuki also warned the members of the media against politicizing the subject matter and directed them to wait for the comprehensive report from the experts.

    According to the ministry, the team will be back in the country after five days and it will table its report on March 30.

    “Let us be sensitive to the family. Let us be patient until my team comes back with the facts. As for now if I comment I will not be keeping with what I have promised the family. So if we bring the issue into the media too much, it will be insensitive to the family,” informed the CS.

    50 Kenyan doctors were sent to Cuba to work and study family medicine in an agreement between the two governments.

    There have been many reports making rounds indicating that the Kenyan doctors in Cuba are living in deplorable conditions while Cuban doctors in Kenya are enjoying lavish lifestyles.