Street Woman's Baby Stolen Days After Refusing to Sell Her

  • Gladys Wanja, a mother who lost her baby in Nairobi Daily Nation
  • Gladys Wanja, a mother of one, is in distress after her baby, Gift Wanjiku, was stolen from the Central Business District in Nairobi.

    Speaking to NTV, Wanjiku narrated that her daughter was playing with toys when she was lured by a stranger along Latema road.

    The mother added that the suspect, whom she described as light and plump, had been buying her daughter some milk for the past week.

    Nairobi's Central Police Station, where Wanja reported her case

    She also narrated that a woman had asked her to sell her daughter, an offer she strongly declined.

    Juzi kuna mama alikuja akaniambia nimuuzie mtoto, nikakataa. Sasa leo mahali mimi huweka huyu mtoto amekuja akamchukua  (A woman approached me and asked if I could sell her my child, but I refused. My baby has been taken today from where I usually place her)," she narrated.

    Wanja reported the case at Central Police Station but they dismissed her, claiming, her two-year-old did not have a mobile phone, hence, they would not be able to trace her whereabouts.

    The street mother, who is also a widow, stated that the minor was her only child and doctors had advised her against conceiving another child.

    "This is my third operation, I'm not in a position to deliver a baby," she stated.

    Wanja is appealing to the public to help her find the baby.