Why Aden Duale Wants Students to Stop Learning Political Science

  • National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale. Twitter
  • The National Assembly Majority Leader, Aden Duale, has criticised universities for offering courses that do not benefit graduates.

    Speaking during the official opening of the Pastoralist Education and Career Fair in his constituency on Saturday, Duale called on parents and universities to advise students on marketable courses.

    “We need to be honest with our sons and daughters and tell them the truth, that some of the courses they are studying will never get them jobs,” he commented.

    According to the Garissa Township MP, one such course that students needed to be wary of was Political Science.

    Majority leader Aden Duale

    "I've always asked myself the relevance of one studying a course in Political Science when we all know that everyone can ask for votes and get elected,” he remarked.

    At the same time, Duale told students not to wait for white collar jobs. 

    He urged them to study technical courses such as plumbing, which would make them self-sufficient.

    The Majority Leader also noted that the North Eastern counties were unfairly hiring staff with questionable academic backgrounds, leaving hundreds with genuine papers out of work.

    Last week, his Garissa counterpart Governor Ali Korane also made similar remarks.

    Korane urged students to choose professions with ready employment such as a teaching course since it was the most marketable in the area.

    Garissa Governor Ali Korane