BBC Journalist Anne Ngugi to Release New Song

  • BBC journalist -  Anne Ngugi, has announced that she is on the verge of releasing a new song in collaboration with her daughter, Angel Ngugi.

    She made her big comeback in the field of journalism early last year after she was fired from Mediamax while five months pregnant.

    "The song is a collaboration between, my daughter, singer Deno and I. We are basically talking about the human soul," read an article published by The Star.

    She went on to reveal that they had finished mastering the audio of the song and that the video will be shot once her daughter was out of school during the upcoming holidays.

    Ms Ngugi disclosed that the song was inspired by the book of Proverbs from the Bible.

    In a tell-all interview, the BBC journalist narrated how she suffered from a deeply rooted sense of bitterness towards her 'friends' after she was fired.

    “I lost people I thought were my friends. I even called former colleagues to hook me up with jobs, but they ignored me," she divulged.

    It was during this dark period in her life that she talked to the producer (Deno) who agreed to work with both Anne and her daughter.

    "When Deno heard the song, he was excited because the song speaks to every man because we all have a soul to guard," Ms Ngugi stated.

    In the song, she has shared her story about how her 'friends' were nowhere to be found after she was fired from her media job, years ago. 

    The budding BBC journalist stated that she had since moved on and that she was quite happy with her new job.