How Woman Faked Husband's Death to Pocket Ksh600K

  • A woman has been exposed for successfully faking her husband's death in order to pocket Ksh 600,665.

    The Standard reported that the woman, Rachel Adhiambo Omondi, claimed to an insurance company that her husband, Ezekiel Ochieng Ogoma, had passed on in a road accident to collect the compensation.

    It was, however, not the first time the couple had swindled money from an insurance firm in Kenya using unorthodox means.

    According to the head of fraud investigations at a local insurance firm, the two had swindled his insurance company before moving on to the next and attempted to claim a Ksh 634,936 compensation. The media got wind of the fraudulent activities.

    “On April 8, 2014 while reading through a newspaper of the day, I came across news of two persons charged in court with faking a death claim. Out of curiosity, I decided to inquire into our Jubilee records of death claims.

    “A claim was launched in the name of Ezekiel Ochieng Ogoma husband to Rachel Adhiambo Omondi, the woman that the money was paid to,” stated the leader.

    According to details that were availed to the court, Adhiambo received the cheque in 2014 after sending a handwritten letter to the company detailing that her husband had passed away in a road accident along Siaya-Kisumu road.

    Among the evidence unearthed was a duly filled certificate of identity that was signed by the office of assistant chief, Gombe sub-location South Gem and a Kenya Police abstract signed by an OCS at Yala Police Station.

    The complainant further told the court that based on the evidence he had collected, he was able to confirm that Ochieng was still alive.

    The two were charged with conspiring to defraud the insurance company off Ksh 634,936.

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