Couple That Killed Daughter Slapped With 15-Year Jail Term

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  • The Narok High Court, on Tuesday, sentenced a couple to 15 years in jail each for the murder of their one and a-half-year-old daughter, Brenda Chepkorir.

    According to witness testimony, the couple - Emmanuel Kiprotich Sigei, 25 and Irene Nalomuta Sigei, 23, purchased a toxic livestock spray at a local agrovet shop and gave it to their baby for allegedly being sickly, unlike her elder sibling.

    The murderous couple appeared before Justice Justus Bwonwong' who felt the prosecution had proved that the two were guilty beyond any reasonable doubt.

    Chief Justice Maraga pictured during the inauguration of Narok High Court, January 9, 2017

    “Evidence produced in this court clearly shows the accused actually gave their baby poison and left her to die in the hands of their parents as they escaped,” Justice Bwonwong` stated.

    The prosecution had named the shop attendant of the agrovet as part of their witnesses, who then testified how Mr Kiprotich bought the poison from him and the container which had the poison he bought was found in their house.

    Further witness testimony led to the revelation that upon administering of the poison to the infant, the mother took baby Brenda to her in-laws who were living nearby pretending that she was going to fetch water.

    However, it all turned out to be part of the larger scheme to escape. Brenda died minutes later in her grandfather`s hands.

    Postmortem examination affirmed that she had died from the poison, which was then linked to the toxic livestock spray Mr Kiprotich had purchased at the agrovet shop.

    Baby Brenda Chepkorir was killed at Nasitori area in Narok South Sub County on February 6, 2014, as a result of organ failures due to poisoning.

    Justice Bwonwong' went on to reveal that the only reason the couple didn't get longer sentences was that he considered various issues such as the mitigation where the convicts pleaded for leniency, saying they were the sole breadwinner for the remaining child.

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