Facebook Reunites Kakamega 'Twins' After 19 Years

  • Two 'identical twins' were reunited by a popular social media platform, Facebook, after 19 years of living in separate homes. 

    The two, Sharon Mathias and Melon Lutenyo, who were reunited on Tuesday at Furfural village, were born at the Kakamega Provincial General Hospital, which is currently called Kakamega County Referral Hospital. 

    Rosemary Onyango, who has been staying with Melon believes that Sharon is also her biological daughter. She claims that she had gone to deliver triplets but after the Caesarian section, the nurses told her she had delivered twins.

    “I gave birth to two children on August 15, 1999, when my pregnancy was eight and half months,” she narrated.

    Melon was raised in Likuyani, Kakamega County while Sharon was raised in Kangemi, Nairobi.

    In 2018, however, the situation changed after Melon and her schoolmates went to Shikoti Secondary School (where Sharon is a student) and learners wondered why she looked like one of their schoolmates.

    The students even told her that she had a sister at the school but Melon refuted stating she only had a sister at Kimosin Girls School.

    As fate would have it, the two did not meet on that day.

    During another event, Melon's teachers had gone to for a motivational talk at the Masinde Muliro University which Sharon had attended, making them confused.

    “My class teacher returned and asked me whether I was a ghost. He said he saw me in Kakamega dressed in Shikoti Secondary School uniform,” Melon told The Standard.

    It is at this point that Melon decided to send Sharon a friend request on Facebook.

    “First, I thought someone had hacked my account because she looked exactly like me and even wore clothes similar to mine,” Sharon narrated.

    Melon and her sister Mevies Imbaya later decided to travel to the city in order to meet Sharon.

    The three now want a DNA test conducted to confirm whether they are biologically related.

    “We are so fond of each other that whatever way that the DNA might go, we shall always be together because ours is a beautiful story,” Mevies told Daily Nation.