Esther Passaris Apologizes for Forcing Brother to Shave Dreadlocks

  • Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris once forced her brother to shave his dreadlocks on the misconception of the image they portrayed.

    According to Passaris, the Rastafarian younger brother wanted a matatu business.

    To support the bid, Passaris made him cut his dreads since he associated them with his weed smoking habits.

    "I've come to learn that people are different, and it is okay," she stated.

    "Fast forward to my last visit; he made me wear his dreads in 'revenge'," Passaris noted on a light note.

    Speaking to, Passaris revealed that looking back, she understand that the brother, a last born and the only boy in a family of four girls, was using marijuana to cope up with frustrations.

    He is now an established architect behind remarkable building in Nairobi and the UK where he lives.

    Her apology came in the backdrop of an apology by Justice Isaac Lenaola to Richard Muasya, an intersex person, for failing him/her while facing a criminal case.

    Back then, Muasya had launched an appeal to be set free because he identified as a woman but "he" was locked up in a male prison.

    The Judiciary was torn on where to place Muasya as there was harassment in the male prisons and in the female cells it would still cause harassment.

    Justice Lenaola was speaking on April 15 during the launch of intersex persons report at the Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi.

    " Let's implement this report fully and not fail intersex persons," Justice Lenaola stated.

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