Job Skills That Will Be in Great Demand by 2022

  • To secure employment in future, you need to understand the skills that will be in demand then and perfect them accordingly.

    A recent report by the World Economic Forum (WEF) has revealed top skills that the job market will demand by the year 2022.

    Future of Jobs Survey (2018) by WEF indicates that one of the most trending skills come 2022 will be analytical thinking and innovation.

    Another skill that will be in demand is the active learning and learning strategies.

    The survey also ranks creativity, originality and initiative as another important skill that needs future consideration.

    Future employees who will be well versed with technology design and programming will be better placed.

    On the same note, those with critical thinking and analysis skills will be better placed to exploit the market come 2022.

    The report by WEF also indicated that the complex problem-solving skills will be important in the next five years.

    Leadership and social influence will be equally important, a trend likely informed by consumer trends and customer relations. 

    Emotional intelligence will also count as is the case with reasoning, problem-solving and ideation.

    Lastly, the report projects that the systems analysis and evaluation skills will be crucial by the year 2022.

    Interestingly, a huge portion of this skills are not curriculum based rather things that you would acquire through practice.