5 Things You Can Enjoy After Conquering 52 Week Challenge

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  • You are in the fourth month of the 52-week challenge. You’ve been faithfully making your weekly deposits but as the months go by, the amounts are getting higher demanding more from you.

    As the screws get tighter you start to wonder whether you want to keep going and if the end goal is truly worth the struggle.

    At this point, 52 weeks feels like a lifetime. But in that moment of weakness is when you realize what strength you truly possess.

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    You go back to the notes you made when you first decided to take up the challenge to reassure yourself and to take that pledge that you shall remain committed - Prove the naysayers wrong!

    What was on your vision board?

    Go Get That Certification

    In your chosen career, getting an upper hand is as easy as getting that certification you keep postponing because you do not have the cash.

    Moving on up means taking up more training like a Diploma in Project Management, or become a Certified Public Accountant when you work in Finances. If you are in the environmental field, why not go for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) certification.

    Many people have been forced to shelve their future education plans mostly due to the tight nature of running a household budget in these hard economic times.

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    This, therefore, should be the year you finally get that certification you have been eyeing and steer your career forward, the direction it really deserves.

    Locking a given amount every week in your account will surely guarantee to get you in that classroom and onto greater heights with relevant training.

    A vacation to Dubai You’ve Always Wanted

    Earning yourself an exotic vacation to Dubai is not as hard as the world and some of your friends have led you to believe.

    With little savings at a time, you can finally take yourself to one of the most enchanting tourist havens in the world. The best part is you taking a vacation at the end of the year, which is when it’s most enjoyable.

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    Have an Emergency Fund

    Sometimes having some extra finance for unseen emergencies during the celebratory season of December and a better part of January is what every family needs.

    The comfort of knowing that there are some funds to fall back on at the end of the year is pure bliss. Especially when the festive mood fades and the reality of pending bills checks in. Nobody knows what the future holds, but that doesn’t mean you should not prepare for it.

    To Get That Business Off the Ground

    In most instances, a person can have the perfect business idea, identify a loophole in the market but fail to actualize their dream simply because of lack of the requisite capital.

    Here is the deal, saving small portions every week is guaranteed to live you with a huge chunk of capital able to kickstart the business you have always wanted. Some business ventures include; opening a clothing store, a dry-cleaning service, outside catering among others.

    It's high time you took the leap and opened yourself some business.

    Finally, Buy That Fridge or Leather Couch You’ve Always Yearned for

    Buying expensive but necessary household items like furniture and electronics on a whim in most instances is generally impossible. It’s actually not even possible to make such purchases on a month’s salary.

    It may, therefore, prove quite useful learning to save bit by bit so that at the end you will have a lump sum to acquire any household item you may need no matter the price.

    So what was your end-game when taking up the 52-Week Challenge with Mshwari?