Esther Passaris Uses Wheelchair After Medical Procedure Goes Wrong

  • Nairobi women representative Esther Passaris speaking during a past event. Twitter
  • Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris was, on Friday, forced to use a wheelchair around the airport after a medical procedure she underwent left her in more pain.

    Taking to social media, the legislator revealed that her body gave in after she stood for more than 45 minutes in a queue.

    She further revealed that the condition involving an injured sciatic nerve/ L4/L5 bulging disc was brought about 20 years ago during her pregnancy.

    She underwent a procedure she termed as Dry Needling hoping that it would remedy the situation but ended up making it worse.

    Esther Passaris in a wheelchair at an Airport in Armsterdam on Friday April 26, 2019.

    Speaking exclusively to, Passaris' Personal Assistant Muhinza Bushoki stated that the lawmaker was in a lot of pain and could not stand for long.

    He further revealed that her situation began going worse after she underwent surgery in January this year.

    "What I can tell you is that she was in a lot of pain which is why she had to sit on that wheelchair...She had surgery in January and that is what made things a little bit worse in that she was on the operating table for a long time.

    "She had been trying to take care of it, but today particularly, she was in a lot of pain so she had to be assisted during the airport mobility," he stated.

    He further divulged that the practice has a technical term, a Mobility-Assisted Person, which encompasses pregnant women, children and aged persons who have to be assisted in moving around the airport as they cannot walk for longer distances.

    He, however, clarified that outside the airport, Passaris can still move around fine without the help of a wheelchair.

    She was flying to Porto City, Portugal for a Joint Action Policy Day meeting.