MP Narrates How Uncle Attacked Her With Jembe During Funeral

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  • A Member of Parliament from the Western region has opened up about a time his own uncle attacked her with a Jembe during a funeral.

    Speaking to, Nominated MP Jeniffer Shamalla revealed that on August 18, 2018, he had gone to attend a relative's funeral in Musingu, Kakamega East sub-county, and was inspecting her father's grave when the rogue uncle, Hosea Mosse Shamalla, came at her with the farm tool.

    She further claimed that she had not seen her uncle coming and were it not for her bodyguard, she would have sustained serious injuries.

    Nominated Member of the National Assembly Jenniffer Shamalla.

    "I wanted to do the monument of my father's grave and then he attempted to attack me with a Jembe. 

    “I was shocked when my bodyguard shouted a warning to him "don’t you dare". I had not seen him approaching me armed with a jembe and ready to attack. This forced my bodyguard to draw his gun, forcing the attacker to retreat," she narrated.

    While appearing in the court to provide evidence after filing a suit against her uncle, the legislator narrated that the suspect had encroached on her father’s land and changed ownership.

    She further divulged that after the altercation, she was advised to leave the scene immediately.

    “I was squarely on an ancestral land belonging to my father, a distinguished Permanent Secretary in the reign of the second President of Kenya. However, the same land Kakamega/Mugomari/1353 is currently registered under the accused person's name having acquired it fraudulently.

    “My father and grandparents were buried on that land. How the accused came to possess it remains a mystery to date,” she continued.

    After she reported the matter at Shisasari Police Station, her uncle was arrested and arraigned in court in Kakamega before where he was charged and released on Ksh10,000 bond.

    The case was adjourned to June 12, 2019.

    A photo showing the Law Courts of Kakamega.