Kerugoya Hospital Ordered to Stop Admitting Patients After More Shocking Details Emerge

  • Kerugoya Referral Hospital in Kirinyaga County has been ordered by the National Government to stop admitting patients effective immediately.

    This is after an inspection by the joint regulatory bodies revealed more critical conditions in the hospital, other than the ones that are already in the public eye.

    A report dated May 13, 2019, stated that the laboratory at the hospital could not have basic tests such as a full haemogram and urinalysis conducted, due to obsolete machines and inadequate reagents.

    The report, which is addressed to the hospital's manager, Dr.Gideon Mburu added that random blood sugar stripes were reported to be out of stock.

    Equipment such as Blood Pressure machines and pulse oximeters were noted to be unavailable or malfunctioning.

    “Due to lack of support staff at the facility, new mothers at the newborn unit are forced to carry out cleaning services,”  read the report.

    Medics at the hospital were also said to be using plain papers to prescribe drugs to patients with the theatre roof leaking for close to a year.

    It was further noted that the hospital did not have an Accident and Emergency Department.

    The hospital came to the limelight after a Citizen TV exposé of the unpleasant sanitation state of Kerugoya County Referral Hospital.

    In a letter dated May 15, 2019, Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru, stated that a supplementary budget had been revised to cater for incineration facilities as well as additional service equipment.