How to Beat Long Huduma Namba Queues

  • Two days to the mass registration deadline, Kenyans are flocking to various centres to register for Huduma Namba before Saturday, May 18, 2019.

    A spot check by revealed queues of people snaking their way for tens of metres in many centres as early as 6am.

    This situation is expected to worsen as many Kenyans fall victim to the last-minute rush.

    However, there are ways to beat the queues to ensure you spend the least time possible at the centres and beat the deadline of the mass registration process.

    Download and Fill the Form in Advance

    A tip to ensure efficiency at the Huduma Namba registration points is to download and fill the form from beforehand.

    Having the form filled will cut down on the time you will have spent at the centre and you'll also get to minimise on the errors by having time to confirm your details.

    Remember to carry identification documents like an ID, birth certificate, driving license or passport to facilitate the process.

    Get There Early

    Just as is the ritual during the voting period, the earlier you get to the stations the higher your chances of leaving early as well. Budget for at least two hours as you may encounter a number of people also waiting to register.

    At the queue, observe patience as the agents try to deal with the large numbers.

    Registration Procedure

    At the centre, once you have filled the form, the agents will key in your details into the system.

    The registration officer will also need to take a photo of you, take fingerprints and ask you to sign or use your thumbprint in order to finish the registration process.

    They will also photograph your ID on both sides. Once complete, you will get an acknowledgment slip.

    On Monday, Interior CS Fred Matiang’i announced that during this final week for the mass registration exercise, the operating hours would be extended to run from 6am to 6pm.

    He stated that 31 million Kenyans had so far registered on the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) to obtain the Huduma Namba.

    As the mass registration deadline approaches, many people have observed delays at the centres with the agents running out of forms while others charging illegal fees to register people.

    Such a scene was observed at Githurai 45 on Thursday morning where residents were forced to stand for hours as the agents waited for the forms to be delivered.

    After the mass registration concludes, The Interior CS explained that the registration kits will be handed to the assistant chiefs where anyone who will not have registered can do so.

    “If for some reason someone misses out they may go to the assistant chief. But I’m afraid whether he or she (assistant chief) will be having enough time to deal with you,” Matiang’i stated.

    Here is the video from a registration centre on Thursday: 

    BREAKING NEWS.githurai 45 no forms the line is too long but desks are empty!matiangi pls we need more time

    Posted by Derrick Mbugua on Wednesday, 15 May 2019