Video of Huduma Namba Clerk Soliciting Bribe Angers Kenyans

  • A video of a Huduma Namba registration clerk soliciting for a bribe in order to render the service, which is meant to be free, went viral.

    The video of the lady who was clad in a pink top angered thousands of Kenyans who took to social media to vent their frustrations.

    Popular influencers on various social media platforms took it upon themselves to share the video and tag Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government, Fred Matiang'i.

    Some of the netizens, however, swung for the fence and posted hilarious remarks while others supported the lady's move, stating that she was simply doing things the Kenyan way.

    "There's nothing sad here,  there's a willing "Briber And a Bribee "Welcome to Kenya, it's nothing new," Songok Abbigael.

    The clerk can be heard asking a citizen seeking to register for Ksh 300 so that she can be able to facilitate the Huduma namba registration process efficiently and effectively.

    Kenyans were in full voice as they aired their concerns regarding not only her actions but the entire exercise as well.

    "So we must pay to get someone to steal our data later. Enyewe kila kitu ni hustle," Tony tweeted.

    Latest reports have shown that millions of Kenyans have been scrambling to various registrations centres across the country in a bid to beat the May 18, 2019 registration deadline.

    Here are some screenshots of the various comments as well as a video of the Huduma Clerk soliciting for a bribe that went viral :