Zaheer Jhanda Contradicts Himself 4 Times Over Raila & Matiang'i Role

  • Raila Odinga (l) and Interior CS Matiang'i File
  • The man at the centre of the gold scam saga that has gripped the nation, Zaheer Jhanda, contradicted his own statements four times regarding Raila Odinga and Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS) Fred Matiangi's involvement.

    Jhanda made his revelations while speaking to the Standard at their I&M offices Saturday, where he had gone in a bid to set the record straight.

    When first questioned on recent claims regarding an unverified audio that seemed to link Raila, CS Matiang'i as well as President Uhuru in the alleged gold scam, he simply stated that Raila and Matiang'i played no role.

    Zaheer Jhanda during the Interview with the Standard at I&M offices in Nairobi May 18, 2019

    However, a few moments later, he seemingly contradicted himself when asked the same question to which his response was that he would prefer not to comment on the reported roles played by the two.

    He then rebutted his previous statement claiming that he had never talked to Raila or Matiang'i regarding his deal as a consultant in the gold export saga.

    When questioned even further, he then stated that he had been approached by four Rift Valley Members of Parliament (MPs), who he claimed instructed him to frame Raila and Matiang'i by reeling them into the scandal.

    Jhanda also clarified that he only served as a middleman responsible for organising logistics as well as expediting legal processes such as taxes.

    Identified as a person of interest in the gold-scam saga, Jhanda went on to reveal that he had landed the lucrative deal after being introduced to a member of the Dubai Royal family, identified as Mohamed Ali Zandi Goharizzi.

    “Zandi said they wanted help to transport nine tonnes from Kenya to Dubai. The gold was being sourced from DR Congo and was to be transported to Nairobi by road,” he divulged.

    However, when questioned on why the Royals decided to trust him with such a huge deal involving 9 tonnes of gold despite his claims that he was a rookie in the gold business, his response that he couldn't explain it. 

    He went on to declare his innocence, stating that as a partner of the company purported to have been scammed, if a fraud had actually taken place, he would then be a victim just like Zandi.

    Interior CS Dr Fred Matiang'i (l) with Zaheer Jhanda at a past event