Suspects in Ksh100M Case Beg to Refund Money to Avoid Jail Terms

  • An image showing Kenya money. File
  • Five corruption suspects involved in a Ksh100 million case are ready to refund the money provided charges lodged against them are dropped.

    The five were reportedly paid the money that was connected to a scam in the troubled National Land Commission (NLC).

    In a letter addressed to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), the suspects argued that they were not aware that the payments they received were proceeds of crime.

    "5 accused persons in Sh109.7M NLC land scam write to DPP requesting for plea negotiations, saying they are willing to refund monies paid to them since they didn't know they were proceeds of crime and request charges against them be dropped," read the statement in part.

    Former NLC Chairman Muhammad Swazuri (right) appearing in court alongside other suspects in the Ksh109 million case.

    The accused people include Sunside Guest House Limited and its directors - Jane Wanjiku and Kevin Oindo, who are willing to refund up to Ksh7 million and Philip Kileiya ready to return Ksh 695,000.

    The others are Sostenah Taracha, who was paid Ksh9.95 million, Michael Oloo, who is willing to refund Ksh1.17 million and Godfrey Rubia who received Ksh1.5 million.

    The DPP, through Vincent Monda, told the court that the request to enter into plea negotiations would be looked into.

    Monda also stated that his office would issue further directions when the case is mentioned next.

    The five suspects were among 23 who were linked to the scam including former chairman Mohammad Swazuri.

    The case is set for mention on June 19, 2019.

    Vincent Monda, who told stated that the DPP would consider the plea negotiations requests from the suspects while speaking in court.