EACC Raids Governor Waititu's Homes

  • Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu speaking at a Council of Governors forum Facebook
  • EACC detectives raided Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu's homes on Thursday Morning. 

    Citizen TV reported that sleuths stormed two of his Nairobi homes as investigations on graft begin. 

    The detectives searched his homes in Runda and Garden Estate for documents that will assist in the inquiry about corruption in Kiambu County Government. 15 other county officials are also targeted in the ongoing investigations.

    Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu before the Senate Public Accounts and Investments Committee on 02/05/19

    The outspoken governor is under the EACC spotlight over alleged corruption in a number of his county programmes, including Kaa Sober, which was aimed at rehabilitating alcoholics.

    In May, Kiambu Chief of Staff Gibson Mburu tendered his resignation over suspicious spending in the county government. 

    Waititu has been on the radar over the wealth he is accused of amassing illegally since he took the reins at Kiambu County. 

    When the governor was asked by journalists about his riches, he stated that prior being elected county boss, he was already wealthy.

    He also fired shots at his critics, telling them that instead of being jealous, they should also strive to get to where he is financially. 

    He told reporters that if he was to show off all his properties, some people would commit suicide.

    “People should stop being jealous. When you hear someone has his own building, one should look for theirs. When someone is being elected for any seat they are not poor; they have their own plans and I had mine," Waititu explained. 

    "My first building in Nairobi is not 20 years and if I took some of my critics to Nairobi they would become insane if they knew the buildings I own," he added. 

    Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu and Deputy President William Ruto at All Saints Catholic Church, Komothai Parish in Githunguri on 05/05/19