Governor Sonko Takes Up Manual Labour in CBD [VIDEO]

Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, got down and dirty on Sunday afternoon as he was seen picking up litter on a section of the busy Uhuru Highway, Nairobi.

The governor who was accompanied by a small team, moved along the flowered mid-section of the highway picking up litter before moving on to help conduct traffic.

In a seemingly reversed role type of scenario, he took up the role of a traffic marshal as he stopped cars to allow for pedestrians to cross over to the other side.

Sonko through his Communication Director, Elkana Jacob, disclosed to that he had received accolades from across the globe over his beautification projects across Nairobi.

He went on to caution those littering and stepping on the grass that the full force of the law would be applied indiscriminately.

Word of the Governor's presence in the area soon spread and a crowd gathered to applaud his efforts as well as air their grievances.

Sonko shared a  few words with the gathered youth before leaving the area. 

Netizens were impressed by his actions with the majority commending him for leading by example.

"I love your working style, full of humour yet delivering services to the people of Nairobi. At first, it had looked as if you had lost grip but you are back in force," Jeff Saina posted.

Motorists also took time to acknowledge the Nairobi governor's hands-on style of leadership, with one particular one who identified himself as Mutamburi lauding the governor's efforts.

Sonko's day as a casual labourer came just hours after he survived armed marauding youth in Buru Buru estate on Saturday.

The governor had stormed the location after receiving a distress call from members of the church who were being forcefully evicted by the hired goons.

During the incident, three members of the gang were arrested by police and crude weapons including machetes recovered.

Here's a video of Sonko picking up litter and conducting traffic in Nairobi CBD:

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