Sonko Slaps Goon in Heated Confrontation [VIDEO]

  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, on Saturday, jumped to the defence of Buruburu residents who were being attacked by an armed gang which had been sent to unlawfully demolish a church and school in Buruburu phase 4.

    After receiving a tip from an unknown source, Sonko went to the site where he confronted the goons hired by a private developer.

    They were armed with pangas, axes and other machinery to facilitate the demolition of the church.

    Seemingly angry after witnessing women who had been roughed up by the gang, Sonko and his team apprehended the men sent to evict the residents.

    They were subdued as they were made to sit on the ground handcuffed. It is at this point that Governor Sonko slapped one of the goons who was explaining their mission at the site.

    He protected them from residents who were crying for their blood.

    It is alleged that the gang had been sent by a private developer to demolish the church, CITAM, and take over the disputed parcel of land.

    Three people were arrested in relation to the matter while he called upon the Inspector General of Police to take action against police officers from Buru Buru who accompanied the armed youths to demolish the church and school which houses up to 300 kids.

    “This is a heinous act. Where on earth can one demolish a church and grab land? We cannot allow this to happen in Nairobi. We must respect human beings regardless of their status whether rich or poor. I will be the first person to die for defending the poor. The riotous youth were heavily armed, but I thank God we have rescued some church members who were being attacked and about six of them are recuperating in a hospital with injuries,” stated Sonko.

    The residents cried out to the governor that the police who were in the area watched as the citizens were roughed up and terrorized, yet took no action against the gang.

    Sonko slammed the police and promised to have an investigation into the matter, claiming that his administration's sole purpose was to protect the citizens of Nairobi. 

    The problem with the police is that they take money and bribes and watch as residents suffer. I promise to look into the matter,” Sonko warned.

    He asked the locals to allow the government to expedite its mandate rather than harass innocent Kenyans.

    Three suspects were apprehended and crude weapons including machetes, shovels, and pangas were also recovered.

    Currently in Buru Buru phase 4 estate to help sort out a land dispute case, after a private developer unlawfully attempted to demolish a church and school in the area this morning.

    Posted by Mike Sonko. on Saturday, 25 May 2019