Former VP's 2,000-acre Luxury Home in Sorry State [PHOTOS]

  • The lavish house belonging to Kenya’s second Vice President, Joseph Zuzarte Murumbi, has dilapidated to a deplorable state.

    Reports indicated that the former Vice President would travel to the 35-room mansion in Intona Ranch, Trans Mara, during his free time.

    Once the jewel on the edge of the world famous Masai Mara game reserve, it slowly turned into a wretched version of a haunted mansion in the middle of the wilderness.

    The house was abandoned in 2003 following the death of Murumbi's wife, Sheila, and the house has remained unoccupied since then as they had no children.

    Previously described as a palatial 35-room residence that was the envy of many, it now lies desolate, with neither doors nor windows.

    Neighbours disclosed to The Standard that former employees at the vast estate vandalised the building as soon as Sheila was laid to rest.

    It has since been taken over by wild animals which match in and out of the former VP's role, as well as the occasional visits by Maasai herdsmen who use the vast compound as grazing lands.

    The previously breathtaking swimming pool at the mansion is now an eyesore, with an overgrowth of algae covering it almost entirely.

    A report by the Daily Nation on July 6, 2011, claimed that a standoff over an unpaid loan between the local community, who lay claim to the property, and the Agricultural Finance Cooperation (AFC) thwarted any restoration efforts.

    AFC records show the former Vice President obtained a Ksh2 million loan in 1978 which he repaid and later acquired a further Ksh8 million loan in 1985 which he failed to repay due to poor health.

    An effort by the body to auction the land in 2004 proved unsuccessful as not a single prospective buyer turned up on the day.

    Here are a few photos of the once glorious ranch that housed Kenya's VP: