Jimmy Wanjigi's Ksh250K Pen That Was to Be Used to Swear in Raila

  • While speaking from Washington DC in the United States during Citizen TV's JKL show, lawyer Miguna Miguna, narrated about a Ksh 250,000 pen that was to be used during the mock oath of the ODM leader Raila Odinga.

    Speaking to Jeff Koinange on Wednesday, Miguna revealed that the handshake deal had been preconceived, adding that Odinga did not want to attend the swearing in.

    "He only came at 3 o'clock when I had been left with the millions of people at the park and they feared I would take the people to a direction they wouldn't be able to control," he narrated.

    He stated that businessman Jimmy Wanjigi had offered to bring a pen that would swear in the former prime minister but did not have it.

    "Jimmy Wanjigi had bought a pen he told me was worth 2,500 dollars, he said that was the pen that was supposed to swear in Raila but it wasn't there," he noted.

    Miguna further stated that no prior arrangement had been made despite the fact that the swearing in had been scheduled to take place at Uhuru Park.

    "They didn't bring chairs, they didn't bring the platforms, they didn't bring the emblem, they didn't bring anything.

    "In fact, if I didn't bring the oath itself, if I had not brought my seal, even a pen, he would not have been sworn in," Miguna indicated.

    He explained that a bible that had been chosen for the ceremony, and which had been kept at Odinga's house, was not brought to the event still.

    He stated that the same bible which had been used two days ago to swear in Odinga in a recorded event was to be used during the ceremony.