I Cheated on My Wife for 15 Years to Avoid Cancer - Bishop Deya [VIDEO]

  • Infamous Nairobi Bishop Gilbert Deya has finally broken his silence with justification on why he cheated on his wife during the 15 years they spent in a long distance marriage.

    In a sit-down with Standard Digital, the pastor who controversially rose to fame during the 'miracle babies' scam decades ago, explained that it was not logical for him to lack companionship for the 15 years he spent in England.

    He further divulged that he feared contracting prostate cancer during the duration which seemed too long without conjugals.

    "When I was in England, I stayed 15 years, I am a human being and I could not live without a woman because that could give me prostate cancer," he sensationally narrated.

    The controversial bishop further took the opportunity to clarify on claims that he aided in child theft and recounted the nine months he spent at Kamiti Prison.

    Comparing the prison system in Kenya and that of the UK, the pastor disclosed that Kamiti's standards were way below par as England's prisoners enjoy computer services and flushable toilets all in one cell.

    "That is the place which I found was horrific and terrific and I was in the UK for 25 years. Before I was brought into Kenya, I was detained in a maximum prison where the toilets, the computer and everything are within the cell.

    "So I fought the Kenyan government and the British government because I knew coming to Kenya, the prison was not conducive and I can tell you that was pathetic," he continued.

    He served a nine-month jail term at Kamiti since his extradition from the UK in August 4, 2017 and was charged with the offense of child theft.

    He was, however, released on a Ksh10 million bond after the prosecution failed to complete the trial in time.