Day Kenyatta Was Almost Kicked Out of House Over 3-Year Rent

  • Stories have been told of the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, the first president of Kenya, from his struggles to his achievements.

    This one, is of the time Mzee lived at 95 Cambridge Street in London between the period of 1933 and 1937 where he had it rough with the British Intelligence.

    It is reported that during this time, Kenyatta was unable to pay rent for approximately three years and was reported to the Colonial Office by his landlord, Sidney Hosken.

    A letter addressed to a person referred to as Wade in the colonial office, suggested that Kenyatta was still well dressed and well fed and hence could not understand why he was not paying rent, Daily Nation reports.

    The Kikuyu Central Association(KCA) had written to the landlord expressing concern over the amount of money that Kenyatta owed him and got a response from the landlord.

    "We have kept Mr K for three years not receiving any reward for our generosity," Hosken had told the KCA chairman in his reply.

    The KCA wanted Kenyatta to return to Kenya and therefore started raising funds so that they would send two young educated Kikuyus to England to investigate his indebtedness to his landlord.

    Kenyatta had left Kenya in 1929 in order to campaign for land rights in British political circles.

    Another letter sent to Hosken by Jesse Kariuki, a member of the Kikuyu Central Association stated that the Kikuyu community was busy raising the money that was needed to offset his debt.

    “I am very glad to inform you that the whole Kikuyu community is too busy raising your money. But they are very particular to know about Mr Kenyatta himself, as he is not writing to us and explain all his troubles and his wishes to return to Kenya.

    “Further, I must frankly inform you that the trouble is increasing day by day in the Colony and Mr Kenyatta’s presence is very necessary. I don’t think the money will be sent to you directly, but I will send through strict order that unless Mr Kenyatta is on the train leaving London for Marseilles payment should not be effected at all," Kariuki proclaimed.

    Kenyatta later returned to Kenya but it is not clear if the payment was made.