Kiss 100 Poach Kibe & Kamene to Replace Adelle Onyango

The winds of change are rife at Radio Africa's Kiss 100 with the recruitment of two new presenters in a bid to revamp their brand seen as their first major move.

Sources revealed that Andrew Kibe and his co-host at NRG radio, Kamene Goro, are set to switch after agreeing to sign up with the rival brand.

The two presenters, who are renown for redefining the term 'controversy', are set to replace Kiss 100's former radio queen, Adelle Onyango, who hung up her MIC earlier in June.

Sources based at the Kiss 100 offices located at Lion Place in Westlands, Nairobi, claimed that the two presenters had been spotted at the studios over the weekend as they checked out their new home.

In Kibe and Kamene, they are set to inherit a brand that had been grown and nurtured from the ground up over at the NRG Radio studios.

Reports from Geo poll survey earlier during the year showed that NRG Radio was the most loved station among the 18-24 age bracket in Kenya within its first year of broadcast, scoring a record 660% on the affinity measurements.

It remains to be seen whether the two will be able to replicate or better their stats under their new family.

Kiss 100 is reportedly re-modelling their entire studio as well in order to give it a fresh and modern state-of-the-art look that will identify even more with their target market during live streams, with special attention being paid to the audiovisuals within the work environment.

Adelle's co-host, Shaffie Weru's current situation remains unclear after her resignation, with sources hinting that he is set to be handed the evening show at the station.