Relatives Locked Out of Wilfred Murungi's Strange Funeral 

  • Loved ones and relatives who had turned up to pay their last respects to the late business mogul, Wilfred Murungi, at his Magutuni home, Maara sub-county, were handed a rude awakening.

    Security officers, who had been stationed around the compound, reportedly turned everyone away except for a select group of 20 relatives who were listed down.

    In a bizarre incident, one of his nephews who had accompanied his mother to the burial was denied entry to the fortified compound which has four gates, after his mum was let in.

    Reports by The Standard revealed that access to the exclusive funeral was on an invite-only basis, with 20 seats set aside for the highly private ceremony.

    Residents and neighbours expressed their disappointment for being frozen out after turning up in droves to bid farewell to the late billionaire.

    "It is unfortunate that we did not get a chance to appreciate his generosity with a good send-off," a local resident, Nancy Kainyu divulged.

    Not even members of his Arua clan were granted the chance to bury a man they described as one of their own.

    His body was flown in at around 11:07am, with a second chopper carrying his children, Audrey, Angela, Alan and Eric touching down a few minutes later.

    The founder and chairman of Mastermind Tobacco Kenya Limited had allegedly laid out clear instructions that upon his passing, only a handful of select relatives would be allowed to bid him goodbye one last time.

    In what went down as the most bizarre funeral in recent history, with residents going on to disclose that the entire affair was so private that even the men who had been tasked with digging his grave were ushered away as soon as the ceremony was about to commence.

    The entire ceremony lasted for about an hour after which his family boarded the two choppers and left, having served no meals nor entertained any photographers, with journalists given the widest berth possible.