Major Changes in Kenya's Radio Scene in 2019

  • Over the past 30 or so days, Kenya's radio scene has been abuzz with changes taking place across the board, from presenters switching camps to veterans making major comebacks.

    There's an uncanny resemblance between European football's open transfer window and the current movement of presenters across some of the top radio stations in the country.

    Capital FM experienced the most changes with the veteran presenter and actor Maqbul Mohamed hanging up his mic alongside the sultry-voiced Cess Mutungi.

    The once popular Hits Not Homework show, which defined so many childhoods, is no more, with Anita Nderu calling it quits, citing the need for a new challenge.

    However, it wasn't all doom and gloom at 'Capiro' as some familiar faces made their way back home.

    Fareed Khimani (formerly of X FM, which was shut down) was welcomed back and was handed the Capital in the morning show which he co-hosts with Amina Abdi Rabar, while Joey Muthengi also made her comeback after her long hiatus away from the radio.

    Over at Kiss 100 FM, radio queen Adelle Onyango, whose indistinguishable voice graced our airwaves on the station's morning show for seven years called it quits.

    The Radio Africa station promptly dipped into the transfer market, with the latest reports from sources who prefer anonymity, revealing that NRG radio's Andrew Kibe and his co-host Kamene Goro had already been tapped up to fill Adelle's spot.

    Apart from presenters leaving or switching camps, there have been several other key events in Kenya's radio industry.

    Key among them was the new kid on the block, NRG Radio, flashing its financial power by launching two brand new stations, FunX FM & Choice Radio, as well as switching its frequency from 91.3 to 97.1 back in April.

    This spelt the end for One FM with its sister station Two FM closing up shop soon after as well. 

    Not one to be left out of the party, Radio Africa launched their very own Smooth FM prompting Standard Media to jump in on the bandwagon as well, when they launched Spice FM (where 90's RnB lives) and Vibez FM (a station hell-bent on ensuring that nobody can stop reggae).

    The popular Milele FM also had a change in frequency from 93.6 to 104.8.

    Flying under the radar, Homeboyz Radio introduced some new blood, Dj Andy Young, into their popular G-Money In The Morning GMITM show. The versatile kid who doubles up as a presenter-cum deejay has been steadily etching his own mark on the scene.

    Needless to say, 2019 is set to be an eventful year for the radio industry, with more changes almost a guaranteed certainty.