5 Chilling Incidents Captured on Cameras in 2019 [VIDEO]

  • In mid-January, the country experienced one of the worst terror attacks at DusitD2 Complex in Nairobi that claimed more than 20 lives.

    In a CCTV footage that was released shortly after, the terrorists were seen gaining access to the building while another clip showed the suicide bomber blowing himself up.

    Ever since the horrific incident, which was the first major attack in almost five years, many other bizarre and chilling incidents have been captured by cameras across the country.

    Here are four additional cringeworthy accidents, theft cases and assaults experienced by Kenyans this year.

    1. Security Guard Assaults a woman.

    This incident, which occurred in mid-April, set Kenya's social media ablaze with many condemning the level of assault by the very person supposed to be offering security.

    In the incident which took place in Kilimani, the security guard was involved in an altercation with another tenant when the victim attempted filming him.

    It was unclear why they were having an altercation but as soon as he noticed that he was being recorded, he immediately attacked the woman.

    The incident grew so big that his employer was forced to release a statement promising to take action.

    2. Thug Steals phone from Bus in Nairobi Traffic

    One of the unsaid rules in Nairobi matatu industry is that all passengers should ensure that windows adjacent to them are closed at all times when using their phones.

    Thugs have devised a new way of making away with people's valuables and phones by timing them in traffic and snatching their possessions.

    One incident (in the video below) was luckily captured on camera where, as the traffic was moving slow, the thug who seemed to mind his own business timed a passenger bus, snatched a phone and disappeared.

    Countless phones have been stolen in Nairobi CBD by the use of this technique.

    3. Mombasa Gangsters rob passerby

    This clip, which surfaced in early February, proves that Mombasa thugs have grown in their illegal craft and are always ready to protect each other whenever their plan is disrupted.

    A CCTV camera situated near Barka Hotel in the coastal city captured a thug who seemed to be minding his business only to pounce on an unsuspecting passer-by.

    Luckily, there was another resident nearby who came to the rescue. However, a member of the gang appeared from nowhere and attacked the victims forcing them to flee.

    4. Camera Captures Car Land in a Ditch on Mombasa Road

    Kenyans.co.ke, on June 12obtained a camera recording showing a speeding car veer off Mombasa Road after unsuccessfully trying to swerve.

    In the video, the personal car of BMW make, was traveling on a section of the dual carriageway when out of nowhere, it swerved, rolled over and landed into a ditch.

    The accident reportedly took place at Ole Sereni area along the busy highway.