2 Reasons Mulmulwas Has Rejected DP Ruto's Job Offer

  • The man whom DP Ruto referred to as Mulmulwas and offered him a job has come out to outrightly reject the offer over two reasons.

    In an interview with the Nation, Dennis Kapchok Ruto turned out the employment opportunity over what he termed as misrepresentation of what he was fighting against.

    "My fight against fundamental issues on impunity, corruption and misuse of resources in the County cannot be reduced to a job," he conveyed.

    Kapchok, who's a politician in West Pokot, noted that he had a genuine reason to oppose the sewage project.

    “The DP was misled because we are not rejecting the water sewage project but the due process should be followed. There was no public participation,” he added.

    He further stated that the grievances could not be settled by a job offer affirming that it wasn't his goal.

    “I didn’t apply for any job. I appreciate the offer but I doubt if I will take the job," he explained.

    During an address in West Pokot on Friday, the DP offered Dennis a job on the condition that he stopped opposing all of the government projects in the area.

    "Huyu kijana anaitwa mulmulwas atatafutiwa kazi lakini awache kupinga miradi ya serikali lazima akome (I want to say Mulmulwas will be given a job but first he must stop opposing government projects. He must stop)" Ruto stated.

    He went on to add, "Kuzuia sewage system isijengwe si kazi, hiyo ni upuzi! (Blocking the construction of a sewage system is not work, that's plain ignorance)

    Here is the video of DP Ruto's address: