How Francis Atwoli & Raphael Tuju Are Trying to Save Ruto- Herman Manyora

  • Professor Herman Manyora, a lecturer cum-political analyst, has sensationally claimed that Central Organization of Trade Union (COTU) boss Francis Atwoli, former Jubilee Vice Chair David Murathe, and Secretary General Raphael Tuju are acting in the best interest of Deputy President William Ruto.

    Speaking on his YouTube channel Take it Or Leave It, Manyora explains his theory using an analogy of a long narrow bridge without rail guards that Ruto must cross in order to enter State House.

    “It is at night, he(Ruto) is the driver of the car, out of nowhere, a serious fog appears and the bridge is not visible. Ruto is being cheered on by Sudi, Murkomen, and a few others: Aisha Jumwa with her lyrics, itawezekana vuka( it is possible cross)

    “But there is David Murathe warning his brother, don't cross, you will tip into the water. And because of the love, Murathe has for Ruto, he is threatening to seek court intervention so that his brother does not cross.

    “Remember that Ruto is driving minus a driving license which Tuju has withheld. Atwoli is shouting by the side telling Ruto ‘don’t you are not going to cross.Anybody can take this to the bank’,” the University of Nairobi (UoN) lecturer divulged.

    According to Manyora, by doing so, Atwoli is trying to make Ruto use common sense and see the danger of crossing the bridge.

    “If the vehicles tips into the water, there are many crocodiles waiting to swallow him,” he maintained.

    Furthermore, Manyora pointed out that the famous declaration made by Uhuru Kenyatta that he would serve for 10 years after which Ruto would take over for another 10 years, might as well have meant different things.

    The first interpretation according to him, is that Uhuru could have meant that Ruto would spend the10 years trying to cross the bridge.

    On the other hand, Manyora stated that the President could have meant that Ruto would begin serving his 10 years after 2027.