12 Intimate Details of Jeff Koinange’s Life [VIDEO]

  • One can never stop to marvel at Citizen TV anchor, Jeff Koinange's, audacious wit and humour.

    In an interview with Capital FM in 2014, Jeff disclosed 12 funny intimate details of his life.

    The award-winning journalist first disclosed the secret behind his hair. Some years back, he used to have dreadlocks but ditched them for his sassy fried hair.

    I love this hair. I love my style. I don’t do it to elicit responses,” Jeff disclosed, as he laughed heartily.

    Having interviewed prominent personalities in his life, both local and international, Jeff described ODM leader Raila Odinga as the best politician he has ever sat with on the bench. He even imitated the former premiere’s favourite word Kitendawili, whilst mimicking his speech.

    The former CNN journalist disclosed that most people never knew he spoke fluent Kikuyu. He went on to utter some few words as he roared into laughter. Despite speaking English and Kikuyu fluently, the much-loved anchor struggles at reading and speaking Swahili.

    Despite working at various media houses, locally and internationally, the Hot96 FM presenter picked out a phrase he usually voiced at CNN as his best voice over ever.

    This, is CNN,” Jeff emphasised while gesturing.

    According to him, the weirdest conversation he has ever had was speaking to former Classic 105 presenter Nick Odhiambo. Jeff lauded him for having almost the same voice as his.

    Jeff further went on to sing out the best song that describes his work ethics. Vulindlela, a song by deceased South African hitmaker Brenda Fassie.

    Vul'indlela, wemamgobhozi, that song urges people to make way, we are coming. That describes my work ethics,” Jeff sang and explained.

    A funny question was then posed to the radio show host. He was asked to pick out a couple from any Kenyan politicians who he would have wished to be his parents.

    But it has already happened, am already born. Anyway, Kenya's first President Jomo Kenyatta and any of his wives. But for Kenyan politicians, I would choose Jomo Kenyatta and activist Wangari Maathai. Good combination. Green energy,” Jeff joked.

    When he is alone in the car, Jeff thinks of what more and best he can do for his people. According to him, these are his moments of meditation.

    He also revealed that the biggest controversy of his life was a story he did in the Niger Delta.

    “People thought that I faked the story I did in the Niger Delta. Time has allowed people to vindicate the story and confirm that I never made it up. It was portrayed to have been a Hollywood movie,” Jeff recalled.

    According to him, the nastiest food he ever ate was big fat snails in Ivory Coast. People used to get them from the forest and sell them at the local market. Despite fearing to taste the delicacies, he had to be heroic and try it out of the respect of those who served him.

    He wrapped up by stating that at 60, he will be enjoying his life at the fullest while driving his favourite vehicle, a Mercedes.

    Here is the video, courtesy.