County Askaris Cause Drama After Clamping Ambulance

  • On Thursday, County Askaris in Kisumu caused drama after clamping an ambulance belonging to AAR Healthcare.

    According to Citizen Digital, the county government apologized so as to calm down angry residents.

    Kisumu Health CEC, Nerry Achar, had to make the apology publicly after a few residents took to social media to criticise the askaris’ actions.

    “The incident was unfortunate. Ambulances should never be clamped or obstructed from an operation,” Achar stated.

    The ambulance was meant to transfer a patient from the AAR health facility at Al Imran Plaza along Oginga Odinga Highway.

    The revenue officers were alleged to have even brought a tow truck for the ambulance.

    Achar also stated that she had summoned the officer concerned, to explain why his juniors clamped the emergency vehicle.

    Ambulances enjoy road and parking privileges in Kenya, as they respond to an emergency. Alongside fire engines, they are in the fifth category in the new road clearance directive by the National Police Service.

    The directive allows them to enjoy special clearance.