US Ambassador Shows Off Football Skills in Kibera [PHOTOS]

  • Ambassador Kyle McCarter spent the better part of Thursday at Kibera Girls Soccer Academy in Kibera, at the Woodley pitch in Nairobi.

    The enthusiastic ambassador could not resist the urge to join the girls' soccer team as they played.

    He tossed himself into the field and within no time was captured dribbling the ball much to the delight of the girls and the onlookers standing by.

    "With Victoria and awesome, strong and courageous high school girls at Kibera Girls Soccer Academy. These young ladies are the future of Kenya!" McCarter's post read on Twitter.

    McCarter had gone to donate some equipment at the facility and went on to play soccer after the donation.

    A photo was captured showing him adorned in dark sunglasses, a US-flag branded t-shirt, a pair of khaki pants and rubber shoes dribbling alongside two girls in full sports regalia.

    The ambassador has been known for his down to earth mannerisms that has seen him engage with citizens from all walks of life. He also moved Kenyans less than two weeks ago when he joined Kenyans participating in the Lewa half Marathon with his wife Victoria McCarter.

    Kenyans did not take long to commend the US representative to the nation and showered him with praises as a very humble fellow.

    A resident by the name T'om Ratique  commented, "Nice move Ambassador, here in Kibra we are talented. Thanks,"

    Another by the name Grace Apiyo recounted her interaction with the ambassador,

    "This morning while waiting for my visa interview in your embassy I was so shocked by the humility Mr. Ambassador has.Every person who was waiting to be interviewed, he made sure he shook everyone's hand and his wife too. I was humbled. Thanks ambassador may the Lord keep you and bless you and your family,"

    Below are photos of McCarter having a good time in Kibra.