11 Babies Die at KNH Raising Questions

  • A nurse checks on preterm babies in incubators at KNH Daily Nation
  • Eleven babies died last week at the Kenyatta National Hospital from what is suspected to be a bacterium infection known as Klebsiella as Daily Nation reports.

    Klebsiella is an infection that causes respiratory, urinary, and wound infections.

    It is said that the situation worsened at the hospital's newborn unit, due to the lack of most basic products required to take care of the babies.

    The accident and emergency section at KNH

    The publication noted that nurses at the hospital had to improvise feeding tubes and syringes while feeding the babies, which would in turn cause bruising and bleeding in their noses and mouths.

    The improvised equipment is considered to be inappropriate and hurts the babies. However, the nurses are forced to improvise because the equipment is perennially out of stock.

    The babies are also said to share the cots, which puts them at the risk of infecting each other with diseases.

    This report comes almost a week after Citizen TV exposed the dire situation at Mbagathi hospital, where expectant mothers are forced to labour on benches and babies share incubators, despite the health risks.

    The story disclosed that the delivery room also serves as the operation one as it has two tables, one for women who will be delivering naturally and another for those undergoing the C-section.

    On his part, however, Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, dismissed the report highlighting that the video wasn't a recent one.

    Mothers sharing beds at Mbagathi hospital (COURTESY Citizen TV)