Unknown Detail About Fareed & Amina's Fight on Air

  • During the Capital FM morning show on Friday, Fareed Khimani and Amina Abdi treated their audience to some drama when they engaged in a heated argument live on air.

    It is alleged that the war of words ensued when Amina saw her co-host's payslip and realised that he was being paid more than her.

    However, a source who works for the station disclosed to Kenyans.co.ke that the argument was stage-managed.

    "The fight was scripted. We're releasing the audio clip," the source noted.

    Our attempts to contact the two radio show hosts were futile as Amina declined to comment on the matter while Fareed was not reachable on phone for the better part of the day.

    During the morning discussion, Amina argued that she had worked at the radio station for a longer period of time while Fareed contended that he had more experience than her.

    It got so heated up that Fareed threatened to walk out of the show, which he later did, when Amina referred to him as an 'idiot'.

    "We will not die without you," she divulged.

    The morning show fans took to Twitter to express themselves after the incident. Some highlighted that it might have been a hoax while others were just puzzled at the rare situation.

    "The fight between Fareed and Amina is a set up so that you can listen to the morning show," Lazooj commented.

    "I think he deserves whatever pay he gets every month end and Amina should calm down," Paul stated.

    "Fareed and Amina have had a fight on the air. At first I thought it was script but then..." Wangari weighed in.