Why Governors Will Hold Protests to Parliament

  • Governors have vowed to join senators in a protest march to Parliament where they will demand to know why the MPs are opposed to the release of funds to counties.

    Speaking on Friday, the Council of Governors stated that the stalemate of the Division of Revenue Bill, 2019, between the National Assembly and the Senate was threatening to cripple devolution.

    “We will join senators, on Monday, and protest against the National Assembly for 'killing' devolution.

    “What we are experiencing today is equivalent to what happened in 1966 when the leadership killed majimbo,” Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati was quoted by the Nation.

    His Kakamega counterpart and the Council of Governors chairman, Wycliffe Oparanya, stated that the situation was dire for counties as the lack of funds was preventing counties from performing their functions.

    In contention is Ksh335 billion which the governors are pushing to be allocated to the counties compared to Ksh314 billion in the previous year.

    The National assembly, on the other hand, wants the allocation to counties reduced to Ksh310 billion.

    On his part, Kisumu Governor, Anyang' Nyong'o, faulted the national government for not honouring recommendations by the Commission of Revenue Allocation.

    “Unfortunately, the national government is not respecting the recommendations of the Commission on Revenue Allocation and instead of pushing for the Appropriation Bill before funds can be allocated to county governments. This is wrong for a country which has set a blueprint for its development.

    “We are launching a fight with them because proper economics of development begins with empowering ordinary persons so that they are able to pay fees, buy unga and board matatu. But when the MPs engage in playing cards with the allocation of funds to counties, the common mwananchi remains suffering,” he stated.