Andrew Kibe Explains Why He Couldn't Become a Pastor

  • Controversial media personality, Andrew Kibe, has come out to explain why he left his promising career as a pastor.

    This comes after photos of Kibe with city pastor, Robert Burale, preaching started making rounds, leaving many wondering if he was a man of the cloth.

    According to reports by The Star, Kibe dispelled the rumours, affirming he had never been a pastor, although he wanted to be one.

    He went on to give his stunning account on why he abandoned his future lucrative career of a pastor.

    "Those were my plans but unfortunately I was not good enough because I could not lie enough like most pastors do, and so I left the club of "fakeness" and started a new life," he stated.

    Kibe affirmed that he was still in good terms with Burale though they are not as close as they used to be.

    "I was not good enough and so they never made me a pastor. I only prayed for myself," he narrated.

    The outgoing radio show host revealed that his past friend cut communication with him over his personality trait.

    "The club of friends I was with blocked me because they said I was too outspoken or something like that," he opened up.

    Kibe, however, confirmed that he was no longer interested in the life of ministering and his focus shifted to the media industry.

    "In 2009, I discovered Christianity and got saved. After that, I tried it a couple of years and later went to India to do the mobile application. I came back from India in 2016 started doing videos on social media," he divulged.

    He further explained why he changed his mind, noting that Indians are so good and humble not like Christians, who he believes are fake.

    "They don't bombard you with their religion, unlike us, who are busy trying to find out what they want to be. Religion should be very personal and no one should tell you what to be. I changed a couple of things in my life," he stated.

    Kibe believes he would have been one of the greatest pastors that have ever lived.

    "A few years back at this exact moment, I would be in church singing and praising. How things change huh. Do people still go to church ama niko alone (or am I alone)?" Kibe recently posted in one of his social media platforms.

    He used to minister at a church in Langa’ata back in his days as a "pastor".