Kenyans' Hilarious Reactions After 5 Male Elephants Get Lost Going to Mau

  • The elephants at Timboroa Dam Forest area on 19/7/2019. Twitter KWS
  • On Friday, five male elephants lost their way while migrating from Laikipia to Mau forest.

    The news was conveyed by Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) through their social media channels stating that the herd had been spotted around Timboroa forest dam.

    "A herd of five male elephants on migration from Laikipia to Mau have lost their route and are wandering around Timboroa forest dam," read a statement from KWS.

    The wildlife agency urged those in the area to exercise caution assuring that their officers were on the ground accessing the situation.

    The elephants at Timboroa Dam Forest area on 19/7/2019.

    On learning about the lost herd, Kenyans online were quick to relate the fact that there were of the male gender to their current predicament.

    "Males and never asking for directions," one user quipped.

    "Hapo sawa. You better waste time, wandering around, risk your life and even die than ask for direction," another concurred.

    One netizen noted that the elephants were "probably running away from their problematic wives."

    "They just had to be male, and I'm here wondering why I lose my way back home every weekend. It's just in the male species, sio kupenda kwetu," another opined.

    One man was accidentally shot dead when the KWS officers were trying to contain the elephants that had escaped from the conservancy in Laikipia.

    Confirming the incident, Tomboroa Location chief, Jacob Njehia, stated that Julius Mwenda Kihara, a potato trader, died on the spot after getting struck by a stray bullet.

    Here are some of the reactions: