The Special ICU Unit Peter Kenneth Set Up for His Mother

  • Former Gatanga MP, Peter Kenneth Twitter
  • Details from Peter Kenneth's mother's memorial service, on Sunday, at his Loresho home, showed that he went to great lengths to take care of her, including preparing an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) unit in his house.

    The former Gatanga legislator did not stop there but went on a massive search for all the necessary machines needed for the setting up of the costly dialysis equipment.

    This was disclosed by Jubilee Secretary General, Raphael Tuju, who affirmed that the ICU at Kenneth's Loresho home was complete with dialysis machines and other accessories.

    "Kenneth did to his mother what any responsible and loving son would do to his parent. This is exactly what I did to my father," Tuju remarked while giving his tribute during a memorial service at the former MP's home.

    A photo of Peter Kenneth signing a visitors book at his mother's funeral

    Apart from the setting up of the expensive ICU centre, Kenneth went a notch higher and hired a team of four medical nurses and doctors to attend to his mother on a daily basis.

    Her situation was therefore effectively managed by the nurses, who lived with the family during the entire time, meeting the ex-MP's mother's needs.  

    Tuju then went on to narrate that he also went through the same experience when his father got sick.

    "My father was sick for over 26 years. I did exactly the same thing – hired nurses and doctors to care for him at home where I established a special ICU just for him, complete with machines needed," he recounted.

    Kenneth gave details of how his mother, who died on Thursday aged 84 at The Nairobi Hospital, suffered stroke on July 23, 2003, at her Gatanga home.

    "Mom was a staunch PCEA member and so when I got a call about her condition, they told me that we should meet at Kikuyu PCEA hospital. After some time, I took her to Nairobi Hospital before bringing her at home here," he recalled.

    The former MP added that his mother and her four nurses were driven to her Gatanga home during the weekends.

    A photo showing the entrance to The Nairobi Hospital