How Larry Madowo Lifted Popular Artist From Extreme Poverty to Stardom

  • Spoken word artist, Mark Joshua Ouma alias Teardrops, recently revealed how media personality Larry Madowo played a big role in making him the person that he is today.

    Taking to Twitter, the poet disclosed that he was on the verge of giving up when the former NTV anchor contacted him and asked him to appear on The Trend show.

    He added that he had to hire a suit for the show, adding that he only had Ksh70 for his fare.

    Teardrops was living in Huruma at the time and he could not go home after the show because of a police crackdown. 

    "After the show that night, I slept in a lorry next to a watchman, there was a curfew in my estate because a police officer had been killed and they were lobbing teargas," he narrated.

    When he woke up the next day, he decided to visit a nearby cyber cafe. He then realised that his social media numbers had gone up.

    From that day, things changed for the better. His career picked up because people started recognising his craft.

    While thanking Madowo for the kind gesture, Teardrops also revealed that he was able to move from an iron sheet house, where he used to sleep on pillowcases.

    "That interview made me who I am right now. Thank you Larry for believing in us and providing us with chances and opportunities," he wrote.

    He made the revelations on the day Madowo announced that he was leaving BBC to further his studies at Columbia University.

    Watch the video below: