Expect Fireworks on the 2nd Episode of Jeff Koinange's Show on Citizen TV

  • TV Talent shows are a fun escape and what’s more entrancing than some stellar performances on a Sunday evening after a long week? 

    The chemistry between performers, the tension on stage as the contestants face the judges, the mishaps or even the out of place participants all make it worthwhile. 

    Thankfully, all of these things are coming our way on the second episode of East Africa’s Got Talent that is airing on Citizen TV this Sunday, August 11, at 8pm.

    You already know the premiere episode came with an array of unexpected performances. Remember the professional mourner from Siaya and the performer from Tanzania who played two bamboo flutes with his nose?

    We can only expect more talent, jaw-dropping performances and action in the next episode and the commentary from the judges Jeff Koinange (Kenya), Vanessa Mdee (Tanzania), Gaetano Kagwa (Uganda) and DJ Makeda Mahadeo (Rwanda).

    You can expect to see electrifying performances by participants hoping to land the golden buzzer just like the seven-year-old singing sensation, Leyna Kagere from Uganda.

    Belting out a powerful ballad by the name, ‘One Day At a Time’, Leyna won the hearts of the judges with Vanessa Mdee expressing her love for the little girl by handing her the historic golden buzzer.

    The stories of the participants, their journeys to make it to the stage and the tales of courage are heartfelt and inspiring. The support from their loved ones is also a heartwarming sight.

    For the second episode, I can’t wait for more inspiring stories as participants share their rise from humble beginnings stories, years of training and keeping the faith that they are destined for stardom.

    You can expect winces, fighting off tears or mouths wide open in disbelief as the contestants have a go at winning the Ksh5 million grand prize.

    The show also has light moments when some hopefuls walk onto the stage and with gusto perform a less than impressive act that ends up eliciting laughter from the judges and audience.

    Even if they don’t impress the judges, they will have made a wonderful night of laughter for many Kenyans who will be tuned in. 

    In the premiere episode, the judges did not show who among them is the meanest but as the season proceeds the stakes will be high and you can expect to see their true colours.

    Catch the second episode of #EAGTPoweredBySafaricom on Citizen TV this Sunday,  August 11, at 8 pm.