6 Photos That Prove Joho Lives in Total Opulence

  • Mombasa Governor, Hassan Joho, is having utmost fun in the US if photos and videos coming from his latest trip is anything to go by.

    For the past decade, the flamboyant politician has shown us all how his lifestyle is the epitome of modern luxury and he is not afraid to flaunt it.

    From a king-fit mansion to top of the range rides and high-end textile and apparel, no one seems to be at the top of their game more than the self-proclaimed Sultan.

    Here are six photos to prove that Joho is definitely living 'the life'.

    1. Donning a shirt worth Ksh50,000

    As a dreaded gang was terrorising Bamburi residents in his county, the high-flying governor was making different kinds of headlines altogether.

    He set tongues wagging on social media when a video of him hanging out with US socialite Paris Hilton emerged.

    What, however, turned heads the most was the claim that he was enjoying himself in a shirt that costs a cool Ksh 50,000.

    2. Ksh23 million watch

    Towards the end of July, Joho was the subject of discussion on Saturday after he posted a picture that showed him rocking an expensive timepiece. 

    In the photo, the county boss was seen wearing a Richard Mille Felipe Massa Flyback Chronograph

    According to online sources, the high-tech watch, which was a collaboration of Richard Mille and Felipe Massa brands, costs £179,995 (without shipping charges).

    3. Ksh390 million Nyali residence

    Kenyan politicians are known for their expensive tastes in choices for shelter and as it stands now, Joho is ahead of the curve with a mansion estimated at Ksh390 million.

    The house is located next to a beach and boasts of an extensive cabro paved driveway and a well-manicured lawn, big enough for him to cycle his bike around.

    4. Eurocopter

    The governor has a knack for always staying a step ahead and nothing proves that like when he photographed himself in 'his' Eurocopter.

    It was reported that the governor acquired the machine to ease his movements around the country.

    5. Ksh92,000 Louis Vuitton Sneakers

    Joho is arguably the most stylish governor in the country and his shoe game definitely proves that.

    In 2017, he brought the internet to a standstill after donning Ksh 92,000 Louis Vuitton run away sneakers in a mix of Monogram canvas, technical lining and a rubber hand-crafted outsole.

    6. Ksh35 million Ferrari

    There are only a handful of Ferraris in the country and one of them could be in the hands of Governor Joho.

    In August 2018, the governor rattled the internet after a video of him driving a Ferrari valued at Ksh35 million emerged. The stylish car actually cost $200,000 dollars (around Ksh20 million) but adding taxes and shipping costs almost doubles its price.