British Royals Praise Kenyan Girl Who's Inspired Them

  • Elizabeth Wanjiru Wathuti, an environmentalist and founder of Green Generation Initiative (GGI), was, on Monday, recognised by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for her work in raising awareness on environmental issues.

    As President and Vice-President of The Queens Commonwealth Trust (QCT), the royals praised the Kenyan conservationist as part of The International Youth Day where they celebrate the young leaders helping communities at a grassroots and global level.

    Wathuti was one of three young people praised by the Duke and Duchess for her outstanding work in the country.

    "We are proud to introduce you to some of these individuals whose stories leave us inspired by the potential of our younger generation. This is just a select few, but there are so many of you taking impactful steps every day.

    "The Duke and Duchess hope to shine a light on a few of these change-making young leaders of the QCT, who are doing amazing things - not because they have to, but because they want to - a choice we all have in life," the post on their official Instagram account read in part.

    On learning of the honour, Wathuti expressed her appreciation from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

    "Honored to have been featured by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on today's #InternationalYouthDay highlight in recognition of the work that we've been doing through my organization; Green Generation Initiative. I'm proud to know that I'm not only impacting a generation of young people who are conscious of the environment, but I'm also inspiring people through my work," she told this writer on the phone.

    Wathuti, 23, established the community-based initiative in 2016 in order to encourage more young people to become keen conservationists who will help protect the welfare of our planet.

    "If there is one thing that I have always wanted to change for the world, it is the mindset of the people towards environmental conservation.

    "I want to inspire people through my work. I want to raise a generation of young, passionate environmentalists who will fight fearlessly to protect natural resources," she explained.

    GGI has trained over 10,000 school children in being environmentally conscious and facilitated the planting of over 20,000 tree seedlings in schools, to help secure local school feeding programs.

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