How Well Dressed Thieves Steal From You in Hotels [VIDEO]

  • In a video captured on a CCTV camera, a well-dressed man is seen tactfully stealing a backpack from a man seated in a busy restaurant.

    The suspect pretends to be on a phone call, while at the same time keeps looking from side to side, probably, to see if there is anyone looking at him.

    This happens for a few seconds before he finally slides his leg towards the victim, stepping on the strap of the backpack and drawing it towards himself.

    He then stands up, quickly holds the bag on his hands and leaves the premises briskly.

    The whole robbery takes about one minute and 17 seconds.

    This is probably one of the tactics used by thieves, especially in hotels, as the customers are busy enjoying their meals and deeply engaged in conversations.

    In June, three suspected robbers were arrested by the police after they were caught on CCTV cameras breaking and stealing from parked vehicles at Gateway Mall, along Mombasa Road, in Mlolongo.

    The security guards at the mall alerted police that they had captured the trio on camera while breaking into vehicles.

    The suspects were alleged to be members of a notorious gang which controlled a syndicate, believed to be operating in the area.

    “There have been rampant reports and complaints from the public on this break-in syndicates. These three will assist us to conduct the investigations,” Athi River Sub-county police commander Samuel Mukuusi stated.

    Below is a video of a man stealing from a customer in a hotel;