Pastor Ng'ang'a's Poor Maths Skills Light Up Internet [VIDEO]

  • It seems Nairobi Pastor, James Ng’ang’a, has a knack of lighting up social media unawares with his random musings caught on video.

    Roughly two days after making controversial comments about the late Bomet Governor, Joyce Laboso, the man of cloth is back at it and this time, his maths skills are facing the test.

    In a video making rounds on various platforms, Ng'ang'a attempts to solve a mathematical equation but gives a wrong answer making people to laugh at his skills.

    The equation was a subtraction in which he was attempting to get the answer for 2019 minus 50.

    "This is 2019 minus 50...we don't have a mathematics specialist here? 2019 minus 50 is 2018," stated Ng'ang'a.

    Kenyans, who never seem to take chances especially on Twitter, immediately started making fun of him with some claiming they could already predict a wrong ending to the pastor's equations.

    "The 'Aaaaah' after tweddy 18 took me outtttt," shared Tasha.

    "I knew it was downhill after mazimatic," added Nyambura.

    "You mean even without mazematic this guy is still going places?... I think education is overrated," posted Alex Chege.

    On Tuesday, Ng'ang'a sparked online outrage after he alleged that he would have prevented the death of the late Bomet Governor if she had sought out his divine intervention.

    “I went to a Kajiado crusade and prayed for someone who had cancer. His whole jaw had been ‘eaten off’. People were even asking why I did not pray for Bomet Governor, Joyce Laboso. If she would have come to me I would have prayed for her,” Ng’ang’a proclaimed while speaking to Massawe Japani at Radio Jambo.

    The city preacher went on to claim that he had performed several tremendous miracles and refuted claims that cancer must be declared a national menace.

    Below are screenshots of reactions to his video (which is attached below):