Uhuru's Advice to Parents Goes Horribly Wrong [VIDEO]

  • During the Third National CBC Conference that took place on Friday, at KICC, President Uhuru Kenyatta, told parents to allow their children to pursue their passion in life.

    His comment would have probably been taken lightly had he not used the late American businessman, Steve Jobs, and founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates, as his examples.

    "Steve Jobs and Bill Gates never went to any university but when they come to Kenya, you will see professors running to shake their hands and ask for some little help from them," he stated.

    The president's sentiments did not go well with angry Kenyans, who stated that both Gates and Jobs were sired by rich parents, who jump-started their careers.

    "Mr President, all these guys are white males from developed countries, with rich families... their relatives funded their passions. If I need a seed fund of $ 500,000 for my passion, who from Mbarî ya Mbuu will invest in it?" Sera Kahiu posed.

    "When they can't maintain education standards, cope with people's need for education or provide jobs for graduates as they promised, this is what they resort to," Kajoroge commented.

    "He forgot the part where Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had rich parents to fund their careers just like him," Atieno noted.

    Other social media users, however, demanded that the president be accorded the respect that he deserves.

    " I fully support Uhuru on that and let's have respect for the Presidency as an institution and symbol of unity," Abuzaki commented.

    "You are right but the government should also show commitment by creating opportunities in those areas of passion and by the look of things, Ksh 2,530 is not a great motivation," John weighed in.

    Below is the video courtesy of Daily Nation;