Msando's Family Accuses Raila of Abandoning Them

  • Slain former IEBC ICT manager Chris Msando's family has decried abandonment by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

    This was during the second anniversary of Msando's death at their Lifunga home in Ugenya, Siaya county, which politicians and Msando's widow Eva Buyu gave a wide berth.

    Family spokesman, Peter Msando, who is also Chris Msando's brother, said they had hoped that the handshake would speed up the probe on Msando's murder but nothing has yet come out of it.

    "It is true that NASA led by Raila Odinga has abandoned our family after Msando's death. They have abandoned their course as well. We want them to know that we do not want handouts but justice," stated Peter Msando.

    He further stated that their constant appeals and visits to the Directorate of Criminal investigations (DCI) have been fishing expeditions.

    "Every time we go to DCI they show us files of other homicide cases, claiming ours happened the other day and we should wait,” the family spokesman explained.

    They faulted the government for refusing help from the American and British embassies who had offered to investigate Msando's murder.

    Msando's mother, Mrs. Aloo, is yet to come to terms with his son's murder. She too blames the top leadership and the investigative authorities for not doing enough to get her justice.

    "What was my son’s mistake? He was just playing his role. Two years is such a long time, without justice. Why it has taken them such a long time to bring those responsible to book still disturbs me. I wonder what they are doing. Is justice for the select few?" she cried.

    Not only has the family accused Railao f abandoning them, but also Eva Buyu, the wife of the late Msando.

    She did not attend Msando's memorial ceremony last year, and neither did she this year. The family claims that she does not even pick their calls anymore.

    The family reiterated that the handshake will only make sense to them if the two leaders used it to probe and net the killers of their son.

    The late Msando's body was found in Kikuyu, off Waiyaki Way, 2 kilometres off the main road in July, a month before the August 8, 2017, General Election.