Raila Makes Damning Revelation About Ruto's Bribery Trick

  • Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has made some major accusations about a bribery trick used by Deputy President William Ruto during Harambees.

    Speaking on Saturday at the burial of Eva Donde, mother to former Gem MP Joe Donde, the former premier claimed that Ruto routinely coerces church leadership to gain entrance into their premises.

    Raila explained that, in order to do that, the DP uses stolen money to bribe church leaders to allow him to advance his political mission.

    He went on to add that the deputy president somewhat arm-twists the leaders and that some usually never want him to grace their churches but are forced to oblige.

    “He asks the church to invite him by using the same money that he gives those churches for Harambees and not that the church invites him willingly,” The Star quoted Raila.

    To drive his point home, the AU envoy gave an example of a past incident in which the DP bought a state of the art car for a church leader.

    He further wondered where the DP got the money to donate hundreds of millions to churches while he is only entitled to a Ksh1 million salary.

    Raila also explained that it was such a wanton graft that prompted the creation of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

    Gem MP, Elisha Odhiambo, who was also at the event, sided with Raila explaining that it was evident that the DP champions corruption.

    “Kenyans know who you are, the wealth you have acquired,” remarked Odhiambo.